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Easyflex is the leader of all things flexible. We’re the world leading manufacturer and distributor of flexible, corrugated, stainless steel products. Through technological innovation, attention-to-detail, and stringent quality control, we deliver superior products.

Through our specialization and innovation, we have become the world leading manufacturer of corrugated, stainless steel products.

Through our experience and knowledge of logistical coordination, organization, and planning, we can deliver the goods in the most efficient method, on time.

World wide Leader
Since 1989 we have been producing superior products and serving more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our Products
We offer a wide arrange of products; from fire protection sprinkler drops to plumbing and HVAC products such as gas connectors, water heater connectors, SS braided water supply and much more. All of our products are rigorously tested and certified by meeting and exceeding all qualifications.
Fire Protection
Our fire protection sprinkler system offers stainless steel unbraided, braided and high performance braided flexible hoses.
Gas Products
Our flexible stainless steel gas products include residential gas connectors with customizable fittings, high BTU commercial gas connectors, and entire gas line systems.
Water Products
Our flexible stainless steel water products include water heater connectors, braided supply lines for fixtures and appliances, and entire water line systems.
Other Plumbing Products
Our other plumbing products include thermal expansion tanks, no hub couplings (regular & heavy duty) and isolation valves for tankless water heaters.

Easyflex Gastop (Gas Connectors with EFV)
EASYFLEX has been supplying excess safety valves for over 19 years worldwide. The State of the art technology and long term experience assured with various patents have provided safety to millions of homes. ...
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Easyflex Safe-flow (Braided Water Supplies with EFV)
EASYFLEX introduces Braided Stainless Steel Safe-flow Water Connectors that prevents unexpected water damage from a burst of hose or excessive flow of water. Automatically Prevents Unexpected Water Da ...
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Gas CSST Line System
EASYFLEX has been supplying gas CSST line system to countries worldwide for 30 years. The State of the art technology with various patents have provided convenience and safety to millions of residential and comme ...
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Tankless Water Heater Connection Kit
EASYFLEX introduces Tankless Water Heater Connection Kit which is customized kit for Tankless Water Heaters. The Kit includes one Gas Connector, two Water Connectors, Isolation Valves, and PRV. Because it is cu ...
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