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  • Is Easyflex a wholesaler of plumbing products?

    No. Easyflex is the manufacturer of plumbing products. Please contact us for information of a wholesaler who carries Easyflex products.

  • Can Easyflex gas connectors be used outdoors?

    Yes. Easyflex gas connectors are certified ANSI Z 21.75 / CSA 6.27 for indoor and outdoor use.

  • What temperature can Easyflex gas connectors withstand?

    Easyflex gas connectors can withstand temperatures from -40 F to 150 F. (ANSI Z 21.24 & ANSI Z 21.71).

  • Are Easyflex gas connectors certified?

    Yes. Easyflex gas connectors are approved by and listed with the following:

    ANSI Z 21.24 / CSA 6.10 – Connectors for gas appliances

    ANSI Z 21.69 / CSA 6.16 – Connectors for movable gas appliances

    ANSI Z 21.75 / CSA 6.27 – Connectors for outdoor appliances and manufactured homes

    CSA B149.1 – Natural gas and propane installation code

  • What is Gastop?

    Gastop is a gas connector fitting that connects the gas connector to the ball valve. In the event of a gas connector rupture, leak or disconnect from the appliance, Gastop will automatically stop the flow of gas to prevent fire or explosion. 

  • What is the difference between Easyflex gas CSST line and other gas CSST line?

    The main difference is in our fittings. Our fittings do not require the user to take apart the fitting, make the connection, re-assemble it, then tighten it. With our fittings, the user just cuts the line, pushes to fit, then tightens it. Also our fittings are interchangeable between our yellow PE coated line and our black lightning shielded line.

  • Do you have to be certified to use Easyflex gas CSST?

    Yes. It is required by law for the end user to be certified by the manufacturer of gas CSST. 

  • Are Easyflex water heater connectors and braided water supplies lead-free?

    Yes. Easyflex water heater connectors and braided water supplies are certified NSF 61 Compliant - Safe drinking water and NSF 372 Compliant – Lead-free.

  • What fittings do Easyflex water heater connectors have?

    Easyflex water heater connectors come in FIP, MIP, Sweat, Pex, and Push-fit.

  • Can you connect 2 gas connectors to get the length you need?

    No. That is highly not recommended. Easyflex gas connectors come in the

    following lengths: 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” 36” 48” 60”, and 72”. 

  • What components are in the Tankless Water Heater Kit?

    Easyflex Tankless Water Heater Kits include 2 isolation valves (hot & cold), a pressure relief valve, a gas connector (fittings and length of your choice) and 2 water heater connectors (fittings and length of your choice).

  • Are thermal expansion tanks required for all water heaters?

    That depends on the city you live in. Some cities require thermal expansion tanks to be attached to water heaters and some cities do not. But it is highly recommended. 

  • What is the warranty on Easyflex thermal expansion tanks?

    5 year, limited warranty.  

  • What is Softurn?

    Softurn is a ceramic disk operated isolation valve used for tankless water heaters. Mineral deposits such as calcium do not accumulate on ceramic disk valves, resulting in smooth operation over long periods of time. Easyflex Softurn isolation valve kits include 2 Softurn isolation valves (hot & cold) and a pressure relief valve.