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Easyflex’s Various, Flexible and Durable Products

Easyflex has been in business since 2005, but our manufacturing started in 1989. It all started with a mission to make quality products and deliver it to our customers. Ever since then Easyflex products have been made of high quality materials and craftsmanship that is delivered to our customers. Our manufacturing is done in our facilities in Korea and China, which is overseen by our team. Thus Providing better quality control and ensuring our products meet the satisfaction of our customers.
Flexible Fire Sprinkler Connection
Fire Sprinkler contractors have been installing schedule 40 pipes for many years. As a corrugated stainless steel specialist, Easyflex has taken a new approach in the sprinkler system.
Gas Connection
Our gas connectors come in variety of sizes and fittings for all of your gas application needs for any end user. Commercial or residential our gas connectors are used in kitchens, bathroom, utility room and other rooms where it is needed.
Water Connection
Our products are used in a variety of water applications. We have the solution for fixtures in the kitchens, bathrooms, basement and places where water flow is present.
Other Plumbing Products
We provide various Water supply Products with Innovative Design and high Quality. Tankless Water Heater Service Valves, No-Hub Couplings, Thermal Expansion Tanks etc. Search solutions you want in ours.