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Be Flexible in Your Approach to Challenges

Fire Sprinkler contractors have been installing schedule 40 pipes for many years. As a corrugated stainless steel specialist, Easyflex has taken a new approach in the sprinkler system. We have provided flexible sprinkler connections as a better solution for absorbing vibrations. However, has more advantages than that. Since sprinklers are normally installed towards the end of the construction, the installers face unexpected challenges. Easyflex Flexible Drops are efficient in areas with obstructions such as ducts and wires. Because flexible connections that are up to 6 feet are exempt from using hangers per NFPA 13 standards, installers have more flexibility in working around the ducts or wires. Furthermore, Easyflex flexible connections are the best option for tight scheduled constructions. School renovations during summer must finish on time before kids come back from vacation. Because no fabrication is required onsite and draining the system is unnecessary, installation of sprinkler connection is faster and easier. Relocation of the head can be finished in 10 minutes per connections.

Although contractors may have concerns about the flexible drop’s material cost compared to less expensive hard pipes, overall project cost can be saved from less material handling and faster job completion.