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Easyflex offers 2 types of isolation valves for tankless water heaters, traditional ball valves and ceramic disk valves, Softurn. Both get the job done of maintaining tankless water heaters, but Soft turn does not incur mineral build-up for long lasting operations.

Easyflex’s Tankone thermal expansion tanks come in 2 sizes, 2 gallon and 4.5 gallon. Our expansion tanks are designed to maintain safe thermal pressures in residential water heating systems, utilizing a backflow preventer. Every Tankone expansion tank is comprehensively tested and backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

Easyflex no-hub couplings come is standard, reducing and heavy duty. Our no-hub couplings come in standard, reducing and heavy duty. Our no-hub couplings have certifications of CISPI 310-2011 and ASTM C 1277-2012. Our no-hub couplings consist of a stainless steel shield with a clamp assembly and a gasket made of vulcanized polychloroprene, conforming to ASTM C 564.

Easyflex offers tubing system for solar thermal water heating systems. Our tubes are made of corrugated 304 stainless steel for durability with an EDPM insulation jacket to keep the heat in.

Our durable solar line system can be used with Glycol based anti-freeze heat transfer fluid. Easyflex solar tubing system includes easy to connect fittings for faster and cost efficient installations.

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