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Easyflex water products, which include water heater connectors, braided water supplies, and water CSST line, have been tested to be 100% leak proof and are built to be flexible, durable, and reliable.

Easyflex water heater connectors come in stainless steel or copper with a large assortment of fittings such as MIP, FIP, Sweat, Pex, and Push-Fit. Our water heater connectors can be bent to fit into tight spots without any kinks and without compromising water flow.

Easyflex braided water supplies include faucet, toilet, dishwasher, washing machine and ice maker connectors. Our water supplies come with different fittings to meet your needs.

Easyflex water CSST line is flexible, durable, lightweight and comes in uncoated or blue PE jacketed (to indicate cold water) and red PE jacketed (to indicate hot water) Our fittings are lead-free, semi push-fit and includes a nylon isolation ring.

Water Heater Connectors
Braided Water Connectors
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