Expansion Tanks

Thermal Expansion Tanks

Easyflex thermal expansion tanks are designed and manufactured to address the issue of water pressure caused by the thermal expansion of water as it heats up in a water heater. Such pressure can cause damage to valves in plumbing fixtures, joints in supply pipes, and even the water heater itself. Per local codes, a thermal expansion tank is required in cases where the water heater is part of a closed system. A water system is considered closed if a check valve is installed in the incoming water supply, which restricts the flow of expanded heated water from returning to the water main.

Tank One Thermal Expansion Tanks

Product Introduction

Tank One Thermal Expansion Tanks

Easyflex offers Tank One thermal expansion tanks in two sizes: 2.1 gallons and 4.5 gallons. These tanks are equipped with a butyl rubber diaphragm and plastic liner that separates the system water from the tank’s air charge. The system connection features a stainless steel nipple to prevent corrosion. Moreover, the tank’s shell is coated with a high-quality material that effectively prevents external corrosion. Each Tank One thermal expansion tank is rigorously tested and comes with an Easyflex 5-year limited warranty.