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Actually, Easyflex is BOTH! Easyflex manufactures all of it's CSST products in their own factories in S. Korea and neighboring Asian countries and ships products globally, including to the United States. We then supply our wholesalers throughout the country.

Easyflex products are made in our factories, located in S. Korea and neighboring Asian countries.

Easyflex's corporate office is located in Denton, TX, which includes a full service, 80,000 square foot distribution warehouse. 

Yes, we have a full service distribution warehouse located in Fife, WA, which is 28 miles from Seattle.

Easyflex products are sold at authorized wholesalers throughout the country. Using our map of Easyflex Sales Representatives, locate your rep and contact them via phone or email. They can help you find your nearest Easyflex wholesaler.

You can find our products at Ferguson locations and on

Yes, Easyflex can provide OEM solutions for your company. Please contact us at for assistance.

Yes, all Easyflex products are certified or approved by various organizations to meet, or in many cases, exceeds required industry standards.

An Excess Flow Valve (EFV) is a device that detects an excess flow of gas or water and automatically shuts it off to prevent water damage or a gas leak. We carry 2 types of EFVs, Gastop, for gas connectors, and Safeflow, for braided water connectors.

Yes, each product that leaves our factories is tested thoroughly not only to meet or exceed industry standards, but to guarantee a product you can count on for reliability and quality.

Softurn isolation valves have a unique feature that sets them apart from standard isolation valves. They are made with ceramic discs instead of ball valves, which are typically used in traditional isolation valves. The ceramic discs are special because they do not become locked up from calcium and rust build-up, which is a common issue with traditional isolation valves. Additionally, Softurn valves have knobs, as opposed to handles, which makes turning them on and off very easy.

Yes, we offer fully customizable kits to fit your needs. You can discuss the details with your sales rep or email us at

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