Mastering Home Comfort – Combining Radiant Heating with Architectural Elegance

In the Village of Sleepy Hollow, New York, a stunning 3,000-square-foot home overlooks the Hudson River. The homeowners, Peter and Gina Gasperini, who have years of experience in the radiant heating business, prioritized a state-of-the-art heating system in their dream home’s design. The house features a REHAU radiant heating system, including a RAUPANEL radiant system for living areas and bedrooms, consisting of 3,000 feet of 3/8 inch crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe. To ensure overall indoor comfort, Peter Gasperini incorporated two boilers into the system, asserting that the quality of an indoor climate system should match the rest of the home. Additionally, the home is equipped with a REHAU snow- and ice-melting (SIM) system for safety and convenience during harsh New York winters.

The home is unique in its “upside-down” living style, with living areas situated on the second level and bedrooms on the first. The radiant heating system’s layout is precisely tailored to match this design, using 1,800 feet of 1/2 inch pipe for the ground-level garage and basement, covered by a poured concrete slab. The system also includes smart controls that adapt water temperature to either the radiant heating system or the heated towel bars, providing efficient use of energy. Peter Gasperini used his expertise to make the system as simple and efficient as possible, ultimately achieving a comfortable, peaceful, and safe living environment that fully realizes their dream home vision.








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