Looking at Plumbing Technology in 2024

In 2024, plumbing and hydronic heating companies are anticipated to face a surge in demand for eco-friendly fixtures, driven by consumers seeking energy-efficient solutions amidst climate concerns and rising utility costs. The trend is reflected in the retrofitting of homes with tankless water heaters, solar-powered hot water systems, water-saving appliances, and eco-toilets. Another significant development is the integration of plumbing into smart home systems, with features like smart toilets, touchless faucets, leak detectors, and voice-activated controls gaining popularity. Technology plays a pivotal role, influencing customer choices through online reviews and prompting the adoption of field service management software for efficient operations. Plumbers are embracing innovative tools such as infrared technology, trenchless pipe replacement, and augmented reality for remote diagnostics, highlighting the industry’s adaptation to evolving technological trends to ensure customer satisfaction and competitiveness.


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