3/4” ID
Push Fit x FIP

Product Details | Easyflex Product Catalog

Introducing Easyflex 3/4″ ID Push Fit x FIP water heater connectors, available in three lengths: 15″, 18″, and 24″. Made to last, these connectors feature stainless-steel 304 tubing, chrome-plated brass connection nuts, and high-quality EPDM gaskets. The Push Fit design allows for easy installation without the need for any tools. Easyflex stands for convenience and reliability, and these push fit connectors embody both qualities. They are UPC certified and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.

  • Leak Tested
  • Corrosion & Scaling Resistant
  • No Special Tools Required
  • Minimal Use of Fittings
  • Environmentally Friendly Product